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📰 NEWS ALERT: Coronavirus Update

Our team has been closely monitoring the coronavirus with hours of extensive research, meetings with our Investment Committee, and even an interview with an epidemiologist for the CDC. Please find our commentary on the coronavirus below.


SEC Investor Bulletin: Indexed Annuities

In this important bulletin by the SEC they go through the general features, including answering some important questions like: Can you lose money buying an indexed annuity, what are the terms used - and what do they mean, as well as what are the common features of Indexed Annuities.


SEC Guide to Variable Annuities

This SEC Office of Investor Education and Advocacy Investor Bulletin provides some basic facts about variable annuities and how they work. Variable annuities are complex products, and this Investor Bulletin focuses solely on the basics.


SEC Guide: What You Should Know About VA Annuities

Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior

Do fiduciaries produce better returns? Is there investor irrationality being displayed? Does this lead to inferior results? Find out with this analysis of investor behavior.


The Roth Conversion Decision Just Got Tougher

As much as we like Roth conversions and encourage individuals to convert, we do realize that Roth conversions aren't for everyone. There have always been many factors to consider before doing a conversion. With the passage of the 2012 tax act on January 2, 2013 and with the healthcare surtaxes taking effect in 2013, there are now more factors to consider.


The Last Dow Record

Remember the world on Oct. 9, 2007? That was when the Dow Jones industrial average last set a record high. It was a headier time back then: pre-financial crisis, pre-bailouts, pre-Great Recession. A lot has changed since then, but the Dow, a stock index that is followed as a gauge for the rest of the market, hit its highest close, 14,253.77, on Tuesday, March 5th 2013.


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