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Taxes 2024: Ways to avoid tax filing scams

February 02, 2024

This tax season, we want to remind everyone to be vigilant against scammers. Investigative Reporter Dana Fowle with FOX 5 Atlanta, WAGA-TV sat down with our very own Co-CEO, Abby Reed, to get her insight on tax return fraud, scams, and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Tip #1: File early! Make sure scammers don't claim your refund before you get the chance. Once you have all necessary documents, go ahead and finish up your tax return. You'll beat scammers to the punch and your future self will thank you in April!

Tip #2: Register for an IP PIN. Like Abby explains, this is kind of like a password for your tax return. Only you and the IRS have this personal number, which will prevent scammers from fraudulently filing on your behalf. Click here to register for an IP PIN. Remeber to securely share your IP pin if you are using a professional tax preparer. 

Tip #3: Safeguard your devices and protect your sensitive, personal information! Keep your computer password protected and make sure your security software is up to date with automatic updates. Password protect any documents or emails that contain your sensitive information. This includes tax documents, credit card numbers, and bank account information. 

Tip #4: If you're usually due a big refund, change your withholding! This will make it less tempting for scammers to file on your behalf and keep more money in your pocket that you can save and invest for your future! It may feel exciting to get a big refund each year, but that's YOUR money and you're basically just giving the IRS an interest free loan. Click here for the new IRS Withholding Calculator. 

Listen to Abby's full interview for tips: