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Until Death Do Us Part... Well, Maybe Not

Many people are so desperate to get out of a bad marriage that they do not consider the toll it will take on their current financial situation and their financial future. In fact, I was recently talking to a friend whose sister just got divorced. He was telling me that his sister, who has two kids, is in a tough position. She is trying to find a decent apartment to rent, now that she cannot afford to stay in the house where they have raised their kids for the last 15 years. The worst part is that she is surprised by the situation she finds herself in. She assumed that she would be able to stay in the house. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many people face when they get divorced. That is why it is so important to understand the financial repercussions of getting a divorce in order to have a plan for financial health moving forward. [...]

Learn To Invest Like The Richest One Percent

It turns out the perks of being rich extend into the investment world as well. A recent study performed by the investment research firm, Openfolio, found that the wealthiest 1 percent of American investors had higher returns, or less of a loss, than the rest over the past 12 months. Of course, we all know that wealthier people make more money than those with less money, given the same rate of return. (Five percent of $1 million is a lot more than 5 percent of $100,000.) That’s to be expected, but it has been found that the return is not even the same, not even close really, according to Openfolio. [...]

Retirement Calculators—Tools Or Fools?

If you're like most people then you have probably also found yourself searching the internet for answers on retirement, social security, and life in general. It is easy to find a half-dozen sites with tools promising to answer all of your retirement questions: how much you will need to retire; at what age you can retire; how much to expect to pay for healthcare. [...]

"Best" Doesn’t Always Mean "Cheapest"

Thirty years ago, most would have only thought about their pension, their employer-sponsored defined benefit plan. Now, most career-long employees rely on their 401(k), their employer-sponsored defined contribution plan. It comes as no surprise then, that because 401(k)s are the primary saving mechanism for so many people, they receive the lion’s share of the attention and speculation from regulators. [...]

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