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Retirement Calculators—Tools Or Fools?

If you're like most people then you have probably also found yourself searching the internet for answers on retirement, social security, and life in general. It is easy to find a half-dozen sites with tools promising to answer all of your retirement questions: how much you will need to retire; at what age you can retire; how much to expect to pay for healthcare. [...]

"Best" Doesn’t Always Mean "Cheapest"

Thirty years ago, most would have only thought about their pension, their employer-sponsored defined benefit plan. Now, most career-long employees rely on their 401(k), their employer-sponsored defined contribution plan. It comes as no surprise then, that because 401(k)s are the primary saving mechanism for so many people, they receive the lion’s share of the attention and speculation from regulators. [...]

Stop Following The Herd Or You May Run Right Off A Cliff

Last year was a rough year for investors. Commodities took a beating, treasuries lost, bonds and stocks were volatile; heck, even Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway was down 12 percent! Matt Egan from CNN reported last week that nearly all of the stocks in the S&P 500 had fallen by at least 20 percent from their highs. He explained that broader indexes do not reflect the underlying pain because companies such as Netflix, Facebook, and Google, which are worth about $831 billion combined, have held up pretty well. [...]

The Traits Of A Successful Investor

Most financial advisors will agree that there are a few personal traits that some investors possess that give them a leg up on their financial future. Do you have them? Just by identifying and observing the presence and significance of a few key traits, the success of a person’s relationship can be accurately predicted. [...]

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