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The Little Guy Didn’t Have A Chance

The August 24 market correction will go down as one of the worst trading days in Wall Street’s history. In fact, trading was halted on individual stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) about 1,200 times. This is serious stuff, so let me explain what that means. The markets have two mechanisms in place to limit trading when there is extreme volatility in the markets. [...]

What Even Determines A Credit Score?

Having a good credit score is one of the best tools you can arm yourself with for financial success. Besides helping to secure better loan terms (potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime), a strong credit score can also impact other areas of life, like rental applications, cellphone plans, and approvals for other large purchases. [...]

NUA—What You Need To Know

You may wonder why it is important to be familiar with this term. Well, those of us lucky enough to have an employer-sponsored retirement plan know that oftentimes there are limited choices of investments in those plans. Sometimes, however, those choices include company stock. The theory behind offering company stock as an investment option in a 401(k) is that if employees are "invested" in the company, they may be more compelled to work hard. [...]

No COLA For 2016?

Why am I writing about this now? Well, there is a good indication that Social Security checks will not get a Cost of Living Adjustment next year. Even worse, with Medicare premiums on the rise, some high income retirees may even see a net reduction in their Social Security payments. [...]

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